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New Desert Safari Deals for New Year 2017

Dream Night Tours is happy to announce new desert safari deals for visitors who coming Dubai for celebrating new year. They can get plenty of desert safari deals from them which will help plan your trip without any hassles at all. All you have to do is select the deal that fits your budget from below and they will take care of the rest.

With over 10 years of market experience, large infrastructure and professional and dedicated staff, Dream Night Tours, LLC is launching its second desert safari campsite. A larger area, traditional Arabic designing, 2 stages for live entertainment, bathroom & shower facilities, 2 separate buffet areas, dedicated tents for sheesha and henna, beverage counter, many private majlis, are few of the highlights of this new camp which can hold upto 1000 tourists as a time. Area around the camp is used for quad bikes, camel rides and sand skiing as well.

Dream Night Tours is one of the leading desert safari operators in the UAE along with providing other activities like dune buggy safaris, overnight camping safaris, arranging private and corporate events in the desert like gala dinners, team building activities, weddings and much more. The company now has 2 large desert safari dubai camps, a large fleet of land cruisers complete with all safety equipment’s and insurance for both driver and passengers, various size of coaches for transfers of large groups, and a well-organized and pro

The best part is you can not only get the best deals for the ride in Dubai but they offer wonderful rates for Desert Safari UAE as well. Which basically comes down to this: Get in touch with Dream Night Tours if you are visiting Dubai or other emirate in the UAE for desert safari and they will make sure you get the best and the most exhilarating experience.

All these desert safari packages include:

  • Dune Bashing (10 minutes in Standard package and 25 minutes in deluxe package)
  • BBQ Dinner (Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian)
  • Free Camel ride
  • Photography during sunset
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks, Water, Coffee and Tea
  • Free Sand Boarding
  • Belly Dance Show
  • Tanoura Show
  • Fire Show
  • Free Henna
  • Toilet facilities
  • Free Arabic Dress Photograpy
  • Quad Biking from 100 AED to 300 AED.

Desert Safari Dubai is an unforgettable experience as whenever you remind yourself of the time you feel recharged again.

The best way to spend your afternoon is to go for Desert Safari in Dubai being an activity which everyone loves the most. It is one typical tour the most visitors would seek first and residents in Dubai would have multiple experiences with this.

Desert Safari Dubai is an unforgettable experience as whenever you remind yourself of the time you feel recharged again. These days the Desert Safari in Dubai is at its best because the warmth of desert gives a rejuvenating feel.

Rich Line of Activities in Desert Safari:

  • For those who are planning to go for Dubai Desert Safari, it would be worth knowing that it is a total 6 to 7 hours activity.
  • You will be picked from your hotel or residence around 3:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon rushing towards the treasures of the red sands in Lahbab desert of Dubai.
  • The next is Dune Bashing in Convoy of Land Cruisers; the most electrifying part of this tour, where the hearts beat at new pace. People from all ages have hypnotic effect from the vastness and magnificence of desert when the Land Cruiser runs over the ups and downs of the escalated dunes of sand. The heights of Desert Safari Dubai are the loud voices you raise; a mix to fear and fun. Remember smart casual clothing suitable to and Sun Glasses is must carry with.
  • The upcoming activity is Sand boarding; everyone will get a chance to slide with the board from the top of the dune. Remember to ask your friends to capture this special moment because your face would never express it again
  • You are welcome in camp where a lot more is waiting for you. After having refreshment drinks, tea, coffee and selective snacks; Camel Ride is upcoming action. Be ready to eyewitness the greatest sunset of your life. You can opt for Quad Bike on additional charge as well.
  • While tapping on the background music, you can roam around and have Sheesha, Hina Painting, and Photographs in Arabic Costumes. You find a specialist of Sand Art and Souvenir shop as well for your life long remembrance.
  • Next to the series of activities, welcomes you a very special BBQ dinner with list of food items for veg and non-veg Diners and selective fruits & sweet dish is also included. It is often admired by our international guests for its delicacy and taste
  • The highlight of the Desert Safari in Dubai is Tanoura Dance and Belly Dance performance from highly skillful artists. It will fill your heart with joy and praise. Your Safari Guide will happily guide you back to your Land Cruiser and drops you off around 9:00 to 9:30 in the evening.
  • Desert Safari Dubai will make you feel highly recharged feeling rich with lot of moments captured in your camera. Remember to advise your friends to have this wonderful experience.


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